About us

Theater Tol was founded in 1998 by Lot Seuntjens. For 25 years, Antwerp was the base of operations for this international company, known for its multidisciplinary performances.

The company uses images, play and music, hardly any spoken text. Theater Tol works in detail, poetically, and communicates through an original and unusual visual and musical language. Theater Tol creates a world full of wonder and beauty, where reality and fantasy merge.

The company consists of a permanent core, brought together for each production: costumière, dramaturg, sound and lighting technicians, designers, composers, video editors, production managers, musicians, dancers, actors and actresses. The company does not perform in conventional theaters, preferring “unusual” locations: the site of an old factory, a park, a market square, a beach or the banks of a river. In summer and winter, performances are held outdoors. Sometimes performances are tailor-made for a location or in collaboration with other artists and theater companies.

The company has performed in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, England, Norway, Denmark, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Greece, Romania, Latvia, Croatia, Poland, Switzerland, Monaco, Russia, Israel, Singapore, India, Ibiza, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Chile, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Australia and Canada.

In September 2023, leadership was handed over to a new team: Talitha, Benjamien and Lukas. Together they will breathe new life into the company by both continuing to run current productions and creating new work. They are highly developed within their own fields and at the same time very complementary. You can read more about them here.