The artists

Theater Tol’s wonderful performers are a group of versatile musicians and dancers who bring magic to every performance. With their diverse talent, craft and dedication, these performers captivate audiences with every performance, effortlessly blending music and movement to create unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s enchanting melodies created by the musicians or the mesmerizing choreography performed by the dancers, Theater Tol’s freelance artists demonstrate the beauty of collaboration and the power of creativity in the world of performing arts.

Talitha De Decker

Choreographer, Artistic Direction & Sales

Born dancer and choreographer. Embraces movement as her means of creation. Her diverse choreographic work with renowned production houses has been programmed nationally and internationally to highly acclaimed reviews. Leading lady of dance school Movimento, where she and her team strive to take hundreds of dancers to the next level. Versatile and creative. Perfectionist with an eye for detail.

Benjamien Lycke

Composer & Business Director

A preference for opera, large choral works and experimental, cross-disciplinary projects characterizes Benjamien, who, in addition to contemporary classical music, also composes soundtracks for (short) films and games. Conducts not only his compositions, but also our administration. Inexhaustible source of creative ideas. Creates strong work behind his piano, computer and camera.

Lukas Proot

Technical and Productional Director

Intrigued and passionate about all things technology, he started his career as a technician and grew into a technical coordinator of several major events. Thanks to his solid dose of professionalism and commitment, he is part of Urban Mapping, Linc Events,… owes both his adventurous side and his great social commitment to years of experience within youth movements. Always stresses the importance of teamwork, both on and off the job. Has a passion for labels, efficiency and optimization.

Lot Seuntjens

Founder of Theater Tol

Lot is not only the founder of Theater Tol, but she is also a team player who managed the theater company for many years. She is a creative jack-of-all-trades who is also a good people manager. Because she has traveled all over the world with Theater Tol, she also has a large international network. Lot stands for optimism, energy and not talking but doing. Lot decided to pass the torch to a new, young team in 2023 to make room for her further career as a visual artist.